FLORAdia Glass: A Bullseye/McMow Collaboration!

In honor of our 40th Anniversary McMow Art Glass worked alongside Bullseye Glass to create our very own style of sheet glass!  This style will be exclusive to McMow Art Glass and our customers.

We found inspiration in the design aesthetic which has made South Florida a mecca for artists of all kinds. Bright pops of color, tropical weather, and design and architecture from the neighboring cities of both Palm Beach & South Beach provided us with ample inspiration!

Our FLORAdia Styles!
Palm Beach                                                      South Beach
60119B   60119A



Named after Flora Materio (McMow Master, Phil Materio’s mom)

The FLORAdia Glass is now available for sale at McMow!

Stay tuned for our upcoming class schedule. We will be releasing special classes which will include exciting ways to use this one-of-a-kind sheet style!