$225 – three weeks

In this class, you will learn the basic techniques required to create a stained glass panel.  Learn how to cut and shape glass, how to foil and solder, and how to assemble your project for a beautiful completed stained glass panel, handmade by you!  For the cost of $225.00 (plus tax), it included 3 continuous weeks of instruction, a beginner’s stained glass pattern, glass and everything you need to complete your first project.  There are no additional costs!  Class meets once a week for three weeks – 3 hours session each class.  All beginner students will receive a 15% discount on week 3 of class to purchase your own materials and supplies.

Upcoming Class Schedule:


Tuesday Night (6pm-9pm) : January 5th – January 19th

Saturday Afternoon (12pm-3pm) : January 9th – January 23rd


Tuesday Night (6pm-9pm) : February 2nd – February 16th

Saturday Afternoon (12pm-3pm) : February 6th – February 20th


Tuesday Night (6pm-9pm) : March 2nd – March 16th

Saturday Afternoon (12pm-3pm) : March 6th – March 20th




$125 – five weeks

Take your stained glass to the next level! One level up from the beginner stained glass class this advanced class will focus on perfecting your cutting, foiling, and soldering skills. Learn advanced cutting techniques and how to frame your projects in different materials from an experienced professional.

In this class you will purchase your own materials and glass for a discount of 10% (15% if you get your supplies the last week of the beginner stained glass class). You will then be able to select a more advanced pattern of your choice within the guidelines set by our instructor. By the end of this class you will have created an intricate stained glass piece and will be ready to take on the craft by yourself!

Thursdays 5pm-8pm

Session 1: January 7th – February 4th

Session 2: February 11th – March 11th

Session 3: March 18th – April 15th


$99 – five weeks

This class is for advanced stained glass students who can work on their own, but want the advantage of guidance from a professional. Students choose the pattern, subject matter, and purchase their own glass and tools with the benefit of a 10% discount during class time. You get to use our grinders, our saws, and enjoy the company of other students with the same objective – making beautiful glass art. Where else can you get guidance from a stained glass expert who can help you create the art piece you envision and pay what works out to be just $6.60 an hour?? Nowhere! We look forward to helping you craft the stained glass art.

Tuesday (6pm-9pm) w/ Faith:

January 5th – February 2nd

February 9th  – March 9th

March 16th – April 13th

Wednesday (6pm-9pm) w/ Karla:

January 6th – February 3rd

February10th – March 10th

March 17th – April 14th

Thursday (1pm-4pm) w/ Carole:

January 7th – February 4th

February 11th – March 11th

March 18th – April 15th


Introduction to Fusing

Wednesday, January 6th

6-8pm with Patti


*Beginner Level*


Learn the basics of glass fusing, and work with a variety of glass frits, powders and stringers. Each piece will be a one-of-a-kind functional piece of art. The completed fired pieces will be available for pick up the following week


Go with the Flow

Saturday, January 9th

9am-3pm with Phil


*Intermediate level*


In this Master Class Students will learn the process of using heat, gravity, and beautiful Bullseye Glass to create a dimensional piece of kiln-formed art. Students will Learn The basics of how glass moves; the fundamental tools and materials necessary to harness flow within a body of glass; how to fire sheet glass within an assembled mold to achieve the flow technique. All materials and kiln-firing are included.


Fauxrini Demo

Wednesday, January 13th

6-7:30 with Patti


*All Levels Welcome*


Love Murrine? Have loads of clear scrap? Want to add a little pizzaz to your fused pieces? Then this is the workshop for you! Learn everything you need to know to make FAUX-RINI. We wills tart with the preparation of the glass and go through every step required to craft a beautiful finished piece – no vitrograph kiln required! Join Patti at this FAUX-RINI lab and you’ll be ready to create FAUX-RINI like Houdini!


Mosaic Stepping Stone
Saturday, January 16th

9am – 3pm with Phil


*Cutting Experience Required*


This mosaic class will show you how to produce decorative glass garden stones using the indirect method of pouring concrete into a form. This beginner method shows how easy it can be to add new uses for your stained glass. Students will leave with a garden stone at the end of the class, along with the knowledge to repeat this technique over and over again. All materials are included.


Fused Cacti

Wednesday, January 20th

6-9 pm with Patti


*All Levels Welcome*


Design and create your very own cactus garden! In this fun & creative class students will create two potted fused glass cacti. Students will use sheet glass, wire, murrine, and other fused glass accessories to create these charming southwest inspired “plants.” All materials and kiln firings are included.


Stringer Things

Saturday, January 23rd

10am-2pm with Patti


*Intermediate level*

Take your fusing skills to the next level! Learn how to create optical illusions using glass and stringers. In this class, students will create an 8”x8” plate. All materials included. Pieces can be slumped for an additional cost. This is a great opportunity to experience glass fusing in a one day class.


Cutting Course

Wednesday, January 27th

5:30-8:30pm with Phil


*Beginner Level*

In this three hour course, Phil will teach students about different cutting and breaking tools, how to cut glass, and the do’s and don’ts of cutting glass. This class is perfect for students who have taken an entry level fusing, mosaic, or stained glass class and are looking to improve or brush up on cutting skills. After taking this course, students should be comfortable enough with cutting to start working on pieces on their own. A 15% discount will be offered on cutting tools!


Introduction to Fusing

Wednesday, February 3rd

6-8pm with Patti


*Beginner Level*


Learn the basics of glass fusing, and work with a variety of glass frits, powders and stringers. Each piece will be a one-of-a-kind functional piece of art. The completed fired pieces will be available for pick up the following week

Animal Frit Painting

Saturday, February 6th & Sunday, February 7th

10am-2pm with Joan


*All Levels Welcome*


Honor your pet with your own hand crafted portrait of them. Learn how to create these extremely detailed pet portraits using different textured frits with guest teacher JOAN IVES. In this two day class, Joan will demonstrate how she creates incredibly lifelike paintings and show you the techniques so that you can as well!

Powder Tree Painting

Wednesday, February 10th

6-9pm with Patti


*All Levels Welcome*

Let’s Get crazy and learn how to use glass powder as a medium to create beautiful landscape portraits. In this class Patti will teach you how to manipulate glass powder to achieve intricate and detailed lines. In this class you’re only limited to your imagination. All materials provided.


Old World Lead Came

Saturday, February 13th

9am-3pm with Jurgen


*Intermediate level*

Centuries old stained glass techniques will be revealed by master craftsman Jurgen Grauer. In this class, you will be taught how to build a stained glass panel using came and putty the way it has been done for over 500 years. Jurgen will discuss how to cut the glass, size the came, and finish off the panel to last a hundred years. Each student will leave this one day class with a finished panel to keep or give away as a gift to a friend. All glass and came included. Additional tools and materials are required and may need to be purchased.

Blackline Painting

Wednesday, February 17th

5:30 – 8:30pm with Jordan


*All Levels Welcome*

Black lining is the first step in the intricate technique of glass painting. McMow master Jordan Day will discuss the process of glass painting and the various materials used. Students will then put their knowledge into play and create a piece of their own! Participants will learn how to use black lining to add small details and personalized touches to their stained glass pieces. All materials and kiln firings included.


Hidden Hinge Boxes

Saturday, February 20th

9am-3pm with Jan


*Cutting and Soldering Skills Required*

Ever thought of taking your stained glass to another dimension? Learn how to assemble 3D stained glass boxes in this all day class with guest teacher Jan Kirchoff. In this class Jan will teach you how to precisely line up edges and hide your hinges for a flawless, professional looking box.


Fused Critters

Wednesday, February 24th

6-9pm with Patti


*All levels welcome*


Even if you don’t like bugs, you’ll love these. Fuse a good luck ladybug, an ant for an aunt, or a bird for your best friend! You can create any two freestanding bugs or birdies with glass and wire! Use your imagination and have some fun. Glass cutting skills required.

3D Mosaic With Susan Casbarro

Saturday, February 27th

9:30am-4pm with Susan Casbarro


*Intermediate level*